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    International Day for Biological Diversity - 22 May 2008 - Biodiversity and Agriculture




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MAY 15 


Planet Diversity at UN CBD, Bonn


20/21. MAY:  Why 1001 Actions and Night ?

See 1001 actions and 1001 night May 22 from the Anna-Lindh-Fondation above.


20/21. MAY:  Why CULTURAL Diversity?  World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development  

Cultural Diversity: UNESCO Consultations, Berlin


22. MAY:     Why BIO  Diversity ?

The World Commuity negotiates since Rio 1992 biodiversity. The International Day of Biodiversity is May 22 (COP9 at:


June, 3  EcoTHEE side-event (outcomes)

June 12,  Day of the Earth,  IYPE

Some more answers to the following questions:


Side Events?


10 – 100 – 10 000 +1 ?

You might also remember 1001 Nights. In European and Arabic Tradition it stands for “many” – hard to count, more you count with your fingers, and more than 100.

Many can be also 10 000 as the Chinese say 10 000 Miles – 10 000 Books – so keep in mind we mean plurality in contrast to mono-lateralism or one or zero- eyed or one or zero dimensional approaches.


Topic Diversity ?



Perplex – Complex?-and how to get some overview and birds-eye or “me, you, we, others models”. UNESCO – COB 1997.


Diversity, as we want to consider it and mean it here, stands not only for bio-diversity – but is a central concept in many fields and subjects in nature and culture.

Consider for a moments a wide range of diversities: 

natural, cultural, biological, genetic, temporal, spacial, lingual, media (signs), artistic and creative diversity of cultural expressions, …!

even diversity of viewpoints, positions and world-views and world models or world maps !

and the need of not needing to agree and the beauty of difference (diversity) in view of requisite variety.


WHY?                                                100 001 diversities ? - WHY so many ?
WHAT IS “MANY”?               More than 2 ?  5?  10 ? - 100 ? - 1000 ? – or  10 000 ?
It looks like our thinking doesn’t often go beyond 0 or 1 – north or south – good or bad, black or white, … 

What is the necessary base for decision making and inviting difference and exchange ?

Often people consider it is enough to have just the majority, but maybe this is just mono-culture, pressure or lobby group which strives one-eyed with one-model for the right solution, neglecting variety by staying with zero-or unilateral dimensions and thinking. The work on group think and clan-think and need for requisite variety is extremely important – but somehow neglected. We invite to look into unity and diversity and old and new ways of decision-making which cares for the terms, values and framesinfliction of suffering …. and what this means to an art of governance and different ways towards a dialogue and decision culture which cares for issues and living things without “voice”.


1001 or 100 001 ? We know as a fairy-tale about 1001 night (alf leila wa leila) so some cultures have more diversities and a broader concept of many – and so can avoid oversimplification and labelling (box-thinking) more easily. The Chinese concept for “many” is 10 000 – as you can see in 10 000 miles, 10 000 books.  [ more at:]



Why are these “Diversities treated seperately ? Can we not try to learn from each other ?

Or do we think there is no common language and no overview possible?

Can we not try to come to grips with broader issues and vague subject areas? 

Can we try not for a moment consider it possible to step back or see from a high stand issues with a birds eye, in an overview and orientation mode for a bigger picture?

[Please see Culture of Peace keynote (Overview and Orientation synopsis, 1997) and requirements for leaning (Our view of Life is too flat, 1993). ]


There is also a diversity of views and positions, representations and displays. You can call them signs, symbols, schemas, maps and models.

What is needed seems to be to go beyond dualistic approaches, thinking just from an individual and collective, or personal or societal, just as we are separating good and bad, black and white, north and south or east and west. 

So let us explore and negotiate the merits of having more than one way to go and present, one perspective or one direction, and go beyond 0- and 1-dimensional approaches.



The question is, can we live with a concert or be a better bouquet of different forms. Can they and may they co-exist ?

And if so, can we connect coherent, consistent representations – can we accept co-existent fidelity?

But do they ? And if so, how do they connect?  Can they be considered of comparable variety, complexity, dynamic ?


Can we learn from other fields and so improve co-creation ?  Can we avoid perplexity by being concrete and transparent ?


Are there any scientific approaches to overcome one-eyed, uni-lateral, mono-cultural ways and means? And can they help us to overcome uni-lateral, one-eyes, .. stereotypes?

Approaches like the work in the field of dialog and decision culture ? Where the requisite varieties, beside other requirements, are needed for fruitful new approaches or finding workable compromises in the field of reconciliation, peacemaking, or more general in participatory processes.


Media Attention and Scientific Discourse:

Diversity as something abstract is getting little or no “air time” in public discourse. This is seldom taken seriously into account, as we learn in school only bits and pieces and have no map how things relate and connect (little overview and orientation).

Our Science is fragmented in disciplines, faculties, sectors ..  it is artificially segregated or separated, seen only on specific, different scale platforms or temporal regimes. So no wonder administration, management, and governments have problems with the issues at hand and how problems and solutions relate, overlap and connect.


A 1001 actions and CBD side event:

We plan to make a difference, by inviting  “out of the box” conversations, how we can bridge to other players and issues, other paradigms, schools, cultures. Which unifying and connecting activities exist and how they can be further advanced to help tackle the challenges we have to face.

The invited side-events inputs are collected on-site or virtually in conference rooms, blogs and lists. These collection of activities are meant to tackle a broader picture and invite revisiting how the parts and patters, people and cultures are related – so we can develop broader and pragmatic pictures which can help us to know, connect, concert, transcend,… 

and at the same time help us to be more concrete, transparent, predictable in the ways we think and present and design alternative ends.


Complexity or Perplexity ?   -  Systemic, Organismic, Perspective Approaches to “Out of the Box Thinking” and “Paradigm Mapping”.


UNITY IN DIVERSITY: check out the 2 Volumes with a key-note by Kofi Annan
Beauty, Harmony, and survival through UNITY in DIVERSITY: (maybe see): Role of Culture in Dialogue among Civilizations  -  Dialogue Toward Unity in Diversity"  and the Encyclopaedia of Systems and Cybernetics, some new terms to include other ways to go beyond zero and one-dimensional thinking, performing, and “acting”:


Management, Governance and Policy options:  please go here where we proposed initiatives in the UN ECOSOC AMR 2008 framework.

I will wok on this section a.s.a.p.





The whole on the May 21 - 22 events will be widely disseminated and we could include a short statement from YOU ! Results will be distributed on the ALF EUROMED and UN-  ECOSOC,  IUCN,  WHO, … general public but also youth platforms !



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THE GENERAL SETTING of the event MAY 21-22


21. Mai   UN            TAG Intercultureller Dialog   &  1001 Action  ALF

22. Mai   UN - CBD TAG der Vielfalt   &  1001 Action  und 1001 Nacht ALF


·          PLAZA DIV ERSTITY – NGO’s

·          Und EU CEC AUI events:

European Year of Intercultural Dialogue

International Association of Universities - Intercultural Dialogue

Intercultural Dialogue and Cultural Policies

Intercultural Dialogue and the Council of Europe


·                     European Year of Intercultural Dialogue

·                     International Association of Universities - Intercultural Dialogue

·                     Intercultural Dialogue and Cultural Policies

·                     Intercultural Dialogue and the Council of Europe

·                     Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures

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